As I use a different strategy, I’m now earning dollars daily. There is no more pressure.

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I’m doing the complete opposite of everybody else. Well, besides one top writer. I was only able to find one good advice after reading several 100.000s of articles. You need to write a certain amount of popular articles.

They say reading time matters. I disagree and instead believe in exclusivity…

Now, this requires planning on steroids. It might set you up to be the biggest earner in mediums history.

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4 years are the proper experience needed to speak on this. Yet we cant wait that long to set ourselves up for long term success.

Because you can only pin five articles to your profile. When you have exceeded five viral articles you need a new approach.

I see top…

I still earn in the top 8%, here is how I go about things lately

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I think my way is right. Can you prove me wrong?

You see, currently my viral articles puts my new writing into shade. The spotlight is on the popular stuff. For how long i’m not sure.

What’s several thousand views in a day compared to millions of accounts that exist…

There is nothing better than to be appreciated for who you are

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Writing advice is everywhere, when you listen to too many of them it takes away your uniqueness. You will begin to write much like the common writer who writes the same articles as everyone else. Please dare to be yourself in writing just like you are in private. …

A poem about a person born in medieval times. He is doing nothing but good deeds for others.

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Born in the medieval era,
not yet a knight in shining armour,
seeing the noble actions of others,
a child got inspired.

Poverty, the plague and starvation,
a child could not be stopped,
a newborn heart,
choosing its noble path.

Despite such fragile bones,
a fairytale had begun,
the heart had…

A poem about an old man covered in darkness. Eventually he finds hope and forgiveness within himself

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Happy days,
young age,
and then misery,
broken dreams leading into thorns of regret.

A pilgrimage through life,
wanting to search and discover its best view,
a mountain of regret found,
blocking out all sunlight.

One life,
in need of another lifetime,
I’ve been living next to a mountain,

A passive medium experience were every 20–40 views is worth $5, Can you match that?

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You want to appeal to the readers and the readers who comments and claps. You want to appeal to the non paying accounts. They hold incredible value in growing your account following wise.

Two viral articles have had my attention through my whole medium journey. What you need to know…

Dan J

33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

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