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Photo By Dan J

All right everyone, we got a lot to discuss. Unique approaches and little details that I’ve come across in my writing journey this far.

As I was sitting there responding to praise. What a new experience this was. You go from no one reading your work to people enjoying it and letting you know. Having people commenting on your article should in theory earn you more, simply because they stay in your articles for longer as they type it. Now leaving a piece of text at the bottom to encourage comments could work. …

Photo by Dan J

I have lived with thrift now for over 10 years. The idea is very simple, spend less than you earn. When you do, you will become richer every day. While you’re living a good life, your money will grow at all times. Its satisfying, and it completely satisfy one of your 6 human needs, and that is to grow.

In general, we need to grow in order to feel good in life. Reflect for a moment how many things that are fun in life that are of little cost or free. Quite a lot right? So why spend money on…

Photo By Dan J

Potential, the word that is difficult to grasp. How do one begin to reach its full potential in life or the field of writing? I wanted to find out, but how and where to start? I knew that in order to find out what works and is true. You should turn to your own experience. It’s the most difficult path but the one that creates long lasting understanding.

About three filled notebooks later, I got a pretty good idea. At the time that my writing journey started, I had a pretty basic idea of self motivation. I wanted to see…

Photo By Dan J

When I’m talking about strength, it's not in the physical. Strength can also be built up in your mind and more importantly, your soul.

You need to balance all three well in life, there is knowledge to be found about the first two. When it comes to soul growth however, you're only finding theories. Theories and half truths who likely lead you down the wrong path.

I have this feeling that people who have been through a lot in life, can become absolutely unstoppable.

We all dislike hardships, as it weakens the mind. Yet when I’m going back into old…

Photo By Dan J

The winds of love is catching up speed,
trying to reach you in time of need,
beautiful emotions within,
love its on its way to you.

With love as our lifeline,
a magical carpet flies us away,
to a beautiful land of poetry.

A long road towards your heart,
I’m flying towards it with three roses,
among butterflies of harmony,
wanting to land on our noses.

Your heart can be seen in the distance
A combination lock so sturdy,
poem after poem,
I cannot find the right words,
it’s magical combination.

My emotions are summoning,
a helping wind of love…

Photo By Dan J

As a leaf that falls of a tree,
I’m leaving you,
connected many years,
I no longer love you.

A bird singing my story,
it was a day in autumn,
our relation was that of a tree,
who lost all its leaves.

The last leaf fell alongside your tear,
downwards your cheek,
next to a broken smile,
is it too late,
or can there be another spring?

We first met,
under our tree,
its branches full of leaves,
will our love ever bloom again?

Time will tell,
winter needs to pass by
sitting alone by the fireplace,
I’m starting to…

Photo By Dan J

Ideals are said to be the most important thing to develop proper understanding about. Along with it comes a different view on how to achieve your potential. This in turn leads to a unique view on motivation and the definition of regret.

Writing connects you to emotion. Therefore on any given day when you wish for a specific emotion. You should start to write about a subject who will spark it. When you link enough good emotions to writing, it might lead to some extra motivation to continue the next day. Eventually it could become a dear passion of yours.

Photo By Dan J

A dream hidden away,
light reflected elsewhere,
nightmares came to be,
misery took hold.

A beam of light aimed nowhere,
surrounded by darkness,
I no longer dared to dream.

Broken dreams blinded my vision,
unable to see,
I walked through life aimlessly.

One day I met you,
a stranger so kind,
you told me to dream again.

A light slowly returned,
aimed on my long lost dream,
a nightmare of darkness,
forgotten in eternity.

A kind word creating miracles,
healing a broken dream,
appreciation feelings within,
body and mind filled with light,
I began to achieve my dream so bright.

Photo By Dan J

How long will you play mediocre for? You can achieve more than that. It starts with a belief within yourself. The rays from the sun can put your dream into the spotlight. Just like it did for me.

Back when I played basketball in USA. All I had to support me was my passion for the game and my skill with the basketball. I was alone and about to enter the biggest arena of my life. You see once you're passionate enough about something, your circumstances doesn’t seem to matter much, no matter how difficult. You’ll be riding the wave…

Photo By Dan J

It was a beautiful day,
when something filled the air,
smiles and laughter,
a new friend gained,
that friend was you.

A photograph speaking thousands of words,
your smile speaks them too,
the emotional three,

A journey through life,
many twist and turns,
up and downs,
I’m glad we finally met.

On a swing in the distance,
emotional rollercoasters,
my life is chilly,
your heart is warm.

My roads twisting and turning,
hardship and problems,
I need you,
your path to laughter is straight.

Angels dancing on rays of light,
your kindness,
a holy blessing,
I’m lightning struck…

Dan J

33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

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