A couple of months into my research, this is my findings

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Potential, the word that is difficult to grasp. How do one begin to reach its full potential in life or the field of writing? I wanted to find out, but how and where to start? I knew that in order to find out what works and is true. You should…

They are trying to fool you, you need to know this one

Screenshot from notifications

I went to check the notifications the other day, something weird I haven't seen before showed up. So I went to look into it. You need to know this when people are trying to make you harm or whatever messed up shit is going through their mind.

Unknown user responded…

When you’re doing the same you will start earning dollars every day, not mere cents.

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Exclusive readership of your articles, the sooner you realise the value of this fact, the better it is. I’m not afraid of changing up my strategy on medium whenever I find a better way to go about things.

I studied the top writers recently. Not just for a mere 5…

There is nothing better than to be appreciated for who you are

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Writing advice is everywhere, when you listen to too many of them it takes away your uniqueness. You will begin to write much like the common writer who writes the same articles as everyone else. Please dare to be yourself in writing just like you are in private. …

As I use a different strategy, I’m now earning dollars daily. There is no more pressure.

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I’m doing the complete opposite of everybody else. Well, besides one top writer. I was only able to find one good advice after reading several 100.000s of articles. You need to write a certain amount of popular articles.

They say reading time matters. I disagree and instead believe in exclusivity…

Gurus preying on people going through hard times. I wanted to see what they do in order to mind fuck with people and get filthy rich.

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I happen to know a lot about this, heck I’m a member of those massive groups on Facebook. For all the wrong reasons probably. You see I want to see what details and what words gurus actually use to attract 1 million people to join a Facebook group. Only to…

A poem about finding gratitude in your heart

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When I walk towards it,
its the right path to take,
guiding me towards emotions of gratitude,
gratitude for who I am,
who l am yet to become,
the future is bright.

Vivid imagination takes hold,
I think I see angels singing,
there is so much light,
good emotions,
so many…

Solitude can be both a danger and a blessing. Which one it turns out to be is up to yourself. The solution lies in the complete understanding of it.

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In order to receive a much needed break from people who have harmed you. Solitude will provide that. All wounds heal with time, but the healing process generally steals away time from your life. As years go by and you're trying to find your way back only to discover that…

Dan J

33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

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