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By practicing the idea of thrift

I have lived with thrift now for over 10 years. The idea is very simple, spend less than you earn. When you do, you will become richer every day. While you’re living a good life, your money will grow at all times. Its satisfying, and it completely satisfy one of your 6 human needs, and that is to grow.

In general, we need to grow in order to feel good in life. Reflect for a moment how many things that are fun in life that are of little cost or free. Quite a lot right? So why spend money on…

Your passion and love for the game will shine through.

Being the first one in my family to play any sports. I fell in love with basketball. I took it all the way to USA, which is no small feat to do. Basketball in Sweden is not very popular compared to other sports, so few people get to play in USA in general. Even less back then. For a little bit I played on the same team as Jonas Jerebko as a 16year old. The only Swedish person I know who made it to the NBA.

A player will light up with self belief like you’ve never seen before


In a world where gambling is looked at as something bad. There is another side to the story

For a select few it’s a blessing and a path to wealth that few ordinary jobs can’t match. When you graduate in Sweden, it's very difficult to find a job, the unemployment for that age is too high. I learned to gamble out of necessity and to gamble well. I knew early on that gambling could give me a decent life until I landed a good job.

So the world of a professional gambler is one of freedom, where your effort and skill determines what you earn in income

Little did I know that I would learn the Ins and…

It's hard to think of something better than having people around you, that you can be yourself around.

One of our needs in life is love and connection. It's more apparent than ever before with the covid-19 pandemic. The best way o meet your connection needs is through good genuine friendships. It's a pleasure to live life when you can be yourself around others. When you're not judged and simply appreciated for who you are as a person.

It's to no surprise when you hear famous people being interviewed. And they mention good times, doing some simple activity and how…

Most problems in your life, comes from other people

Most problems in your life, comes from other people. You see it’s difficult to go wrong by yourself. But being influenced by others and hearing about their problems, will create more difficulty in your own life.

A lot of people take on others problems and make them their own. This can easily create a habit of procrastinating. The more friends you have, the more compassion it will take to show them support. This can burn you out.

It touches on the question, how many friends do you need in life? How many friends is too many?

No doubt connections is…

I vaguely remember that afternoon in middle school. Our discussion briefly touched the subject of what life is. Our teacher at the time discourage us to think anything of it. It’s sad as life lessons and discussions early on in life can be incredible helpful.

Little did I know that this question would pop up later in life. As I try to figure out what brings happiness, sadness and all other emotions we frequently go through in our daily life’s.

These things is hard to read about and actually take in as truths. It’s better to test it out for…

My dream job was to become a Casino manager. It was not an easy thing to achieve, since no company would hire me as a casino dealer, Yet at least. Not until i took massive action and flew over to Las Vegas. The goal was to earn the best certificates in the business. And where else other then famous Las Vegas? So i flew over, Here is how it it went.

As with most things, learning comes first. If you put action first without the right knowing. That tend to bring you discouragement in life.

When i got back to…

Let me share my experience about doing charity work. And why it’s probably one of the best things you can do.

In my opinion, charity work effect your local reputation in a big way. I experienced respect and love from people around me like i’ve never been before. You have so many moments, just wondering how life turned around this quickly. how it became really good.

Before Covid-19 happend i was teaching basketball to children and youth in my home town, for the same team as i played for myself growing up. I wanted to give back to the this…

Dan J

33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

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