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  • Deanna Proach

    Deanna Proach

    Writer who specializes in fitness, gardening, wellness, and personal development. Always striving to engage, motivate, and inspire.

  • Ju$ty


    Blogger on Medium | From Northern Ireland, based in Australia 🇦🇺 | ‘Have fun, live your life and do whatever the fcuk you feel like’ — Aristotle

  • Sandra Rohde

    Sandra Rohde

    Creative soul who loves to support & help you reconnect to yourself, overcome burnout & trauma, find peace & joy within.

  • Richard Bailey

    Richard Bailey

    Writing about mental health/illness and other various topics to provide valuable and useful information to readers.

  • Mark Holburn

    Mark Holburn

    Lover of music, sport, animals, humour, movies and decency. A Level in Film Studies.

  • Shi G

    Shi G

    Hey everyone! 💛 I am new to Medium trying to take my first steps into writing. Hope you all enjoy my stories! My page will be full of surprises!

  • Derek Reinhard

    Derek Reinhard

    Productive like a fox. Crazy for GTD (wrote 3 how-to books so far about using it). Writes about everything. Focus on productivity and self-improvement.

  • Plum Street Chili

    Plum Street Chili

    I am a mean trashmouth Old Lady. Why do I blog? Because a Writer needs Readers like an alky needs booze.

  • Zoe Odyssey

    Zoe Odyssey

    Mother to 3 and a wife to 1. Preschool Teaching Behavior Therapist turned writer in the pursuit of happiness. True Stories, Spiritual Fantasy, Poetry & more.

  • Dr. Doctor

    Dr. Doctor

    Doctor by profession but a simple mommy to the core. Founder- Wholesome Recipes; Healthy Lifestyle tips; Motherhood and much more…

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