Thanks for getting back to me Adelina. We need to look at what's in front of us. It's not much of a grind, to follow 125 people daily takes less than 2min and than your back focusing on writing.

People don't think follow for follow is effective, but there is a ratio to everything. You may not have noticed that most of the articles on the medium front page have accounts that exceed 1400followers and above. Its likely a requirement in order to go viral and no one seems to realise this. Fact remains the author with the most followers here also has the most viral articles. Thus reaching the widest audience. The biggest article I could find in terms of earnings made was $15.000, an article about 1million views on youtube. Yet the author is inactive, makes you think that we are thinking way to small currently. This author had previous fame as well so its so very key, the writing wasn't anything special.

I reached 4000 followers yesterday, medium is a different experience now. Most of the initial community is gone. staying in a community is hindering your growth. Now all you want is a select few writers to grow together with. Gaining success with a few others is much more effective than going towards it alone.

I hope this was helpful, if there is anything else I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. ttyl.


33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

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