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What I learned made me hit the brakes and make a U turn. We have been doing medium all wrong

Photo By Dan J

Think about the top writers here, Isn't it the same old people all the time? They are making all the money and we fight for the scraps they drop on the floor. …

A poem about how time erases us from its canvas

Photo By Dan J

I see old age,
people once younger,
vibrant and full of life,
times are changing.

I grew up in a neighbourhood full of friends,
no one knows me there today,
people have moved on,
times are changing.

I walk by an old friends house,
it looks the same,
the four…

In a perfect world it's never supposed to happen. Yet once you see it happen before, it will happen again. Why not for me?

Dreams come true faster than you think. Photo By Dan J

This viral article was the last piece of the puzzle I needed. Now i’ve learned how to proceed moving forward. When you start with a new account and 0 followers, the confusion for most of us is massive. …

Based on my personal experience towards success

Photo By Dan J

Your experience with a particular publication, depends in large part on what editor you get reading your work. The more helpful of an editor, the better and more worthwhile the publication is for you.

If a publication has one helpful editor and 15 others who will instantly rejects your work…

A poem about life getting in the way of true love

Photo By Dan J

We came close to feelings of love,
in the here and now,
we failed to grasp it.

Perhaps we can postpone our date,
ten or twenty years from now,
Whenever life is much different.

In the future you wouldn’t have aged a day,
a flower who always blossoms,
your heart…

Nothing wrong with playing dirty to get there

Photo By Dan J

So you have reached 100 followers, good for you but you are aiming so low compared to someone with millions of them. Charles Bukowski said it well in one of his poems, emphasising on going all the way or not even start.

He locked himself indoors for 15 days straight…

Four unedited poems from way back

Photo By Dan J

I came across a notepad of some of my earlier poems, its raw and unedited. I simply translated them into english. It’s my hope and wish that it’s a good read and that you can grasp a little bit of my personality in them. …

A poem about being left behind

Photo By Dan J

People don’t like me,
I’m freezing to death,
left outside in the cold,
is there a fireplace somewhere,
somewhere I may belong?

I’m forcing a smile today,
while crying inside,
backs are always turned towards me,
I don’t know what to do.

This misery will never end,
its cold in…

It’s not to be recommended, but my findings was interesting to say the least

Photo By Dan J

Some time ago I wanted to know, what would happen if you revisited a place that caused you trauma years back. I searched the topic for a good while and find absolutely nothing on the matter. What do you know, I’m not the person to stop with that! I sat…

Dan J

33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

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